Custom Holsters

IWB Holsters 

These holsters give you elegant and durable options for concealed carry with only the absolute finest leathers and skilled hand tooling.  Our IWB Holsters are second to none in comfort and practicality. 

HIgh Grain Light Brown with Black Ostrich Trim

Prices Start at: $200

Pop is one of the most comfortable IWB holsters I have ever worn and has a wrap around, open mouth design that is reinforced to always stay open for easy, one handed re-holstering …Read More… 

EIS in High Grain Burgundy Horsehide

Exodus Inside Scabbard (EIS)
Prices Start at: $160 

The Exodus Inside Scabbard (EIS) is designed to be a deep concealing IWB holster. …Read More…


ESS-full-brown-shark-300x296Exodus Stow Away Slim (ESS)
Prices Start at: $150

The ESS is designed similar to the EIS with 2 noticeable differences which are lack of mouth support and a single snap …Read More…




Exodus Under Cover (EUC)
Prices Start at: $16

These snap loops are spread apart to distribute the weight of your gun and to prevent rocking forwards or backwards.  …Read More…

OWB Holsters 

These holsters give you elegant and durable holsters for carry with only the absolute finest leathers and skilled hand tooling.  Our OWB Holsters are second to none in comfort, quality, and beauty. 


Exodus Slide Pancake (ESP)
Prices Start at: $150

The belt slide pancake has been a staple in concealed carry gear. This is our take on the classic belt slide pancake holster design. …Read More… 



Exodus Dual Carry (EDC)
Prices Start at: $190

The Exodus Dual Carry (EDC) is a unique holster design that can be worn OWB or IWB. Changing straps to convert the style of carry only takes moments with the hardware included …Read More…

EOS in High Grain Natural Horse Hide

Exodus Outside Scabbard (EOS)
Prices Start at: $165

The Exodus Outside Scabbard (EOS) is our take on a classic Bruce Nelson holster. …Read More…



Exodus Illusion 
Prices Start at: $160 

The Illusion is the latest Outside the Waistband offering from Exodus Gunleather. It is patterned after the Exodus Slide Pancake with one major difference. …Read More…


Paddle 3

Exodus Paddle Holster
Prices Start at: $200

The Exodus Paddle is a classic paddle holster for versatile carry …Read More…