Exodus Illusion


Full Brown Cape Buffalo – $225

Full Brown Cape Buffalo 

Full Front Giraffe – $275

Full Front Giraffe 

Full front Gray and Black Cape Buffalo – $225

Full front Gray and Black Cape Buffalo 


Full Brown Cape Buffalo – $225

Natural High Grain

The Illusion is the latest Outside the Waistband offering from Exodus Gunleather. It is patterned after the Exodus Slide Pancake with one major difference. Commonly a pancake holster will have two belt slots that have been punched through the holster or “hidden tunnels” on the backside of the holster that has stitch lines that can be seen from the front. TheIllusion is a unique pancake holster because it has a lack of visible attachment points. It appears to hover on the belt. The Illusion will hold your handgun tight to the body making it great for concealed carry while the clean holster front makes it perfect to show off.

The Illusion has a molded sight channel to keep the draw snag free. It also features a sweat shield and 15° draw angle (FBI cant).  The Illusion comes standard to fit a 1.5” belt but can be ordered to fit 1.25” or 1.75” belts. The Illusion can be ordered in 5 standard colors: Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Burgundy and Natural. It can also be ordered in 4 High Grain colors: Dark Brown, Light Brown, Burgundy and Natural. Please note that each hide is unique so the grain and depth of color will be unique as well.  Exotic hides can also be used to accent the holster or be used for full coverage. Please check with us to determine availability and cost of exotics.

The following are common Illusion prices:

  • Standard horse hide – $160
  • High grain horse hide with matching mouth trim – $180
  • High grain horse hide with Black Shark or Black elephant mouth trim – $220
  • Standard horse hide with Black Shark or Black elephant mouth trim – $200

Use the form below to customize your Illusion Holster. Using the form DOES NOT place your order. With so many custom options, it gives us a starting point to create your custom leather holster. 

Illusion Custom Order Form
If Yes, please input desired Exotic