Exodus Under Cover (EUC)


Standard Horse Hide


EUC Brown and Black Shark


Black Horsehide with Black Shark Trim


EUC in High Grain Burgundy with black shark trim

EUC in custom order elephant leather

EUC in custom order elephant leather

The Exodus Under Cover (EUC) is an IWB holster with 2 snap loop attachment points. These snap loops are spread apart to distribute the weight of your gun and to prevent rocking forwards or backwards.

The EUC utilizes unidirectional snaps that will not come unsnapped until you are ready. The EUC is most generally worn just behind the hip and rides fairly low inside the pants for optimal concealment. The EUC has a molded sight channel and is formed with a slight curve to be more comfortable and to aid in the break in. It also features mouth reinforcement, a sweat shield and 15° draw angle (FBI cant). The EUC comes with one set of IWB straps to fit a 1 ½ inch belt

The EUC can be ordered in 5 standard colors: Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Burgundy and Natural. It can also be ordered in 4 High Grain colors: Dark Brown, Light Brown, Burgundy and Natural. Please note that each hide is unique so the grain and depth of color will be unique as well.  Exotic hides can be used to accent the holster or be used for full coverage. The type of hide will determine if it can be used for full coverage (a small lizard skin is not going to used for full coverage on a full size EUC). Please check with us to determine availability and cost of exotics.

The following are prices on commonly ordered EUC holsters:

  • Standard horse hide – $165
  • High grain horse hide with matching mouth trim – $185
  • High grain horse hide with Black Shark or Black elephant mouth trim – $230
  • High grain horse hide with Black Beaver Tail or Black Stingray trim – $250

Please use the form Below to Request a quote for YOUR perfect custom leather holster. Using the form DOES NOT place your order. With so many custom options, it gives us a starting point to create your custom leather holster. 

EUC Custom Order Form
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