What is happening this week at Exodus Gunleather?

Our amazing vendors have been able to track down the biggest shark hide we have ever seen: 10.65 square feet black shark (HUGE!). We have also received a smaller piece of gray shark that we can not wait to try out. Who is going to the first to order a gray shark holster?

We have added a few more molds to our current gun list expanding what we can do for our Exodus friends.

*Beretta 82, 83, 84, 85

*S&W Governor

*Kahr P45- Cm45

*H&K 45

*H&K 45 Compact

On a personal note, it has been raining a lot up on the hill in SC. It is a daily struggle to keep our 5 month old lab entertained and worn out but when it rains it makes it hard. Mud is Zilla’s favorite friend and the bath that followed was not her friend. 

DSC_0186 1zilla 1